Some trade ? =)

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Some trade ? =)

Post by SadAnarchy [ENS] on Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:17 am

Hello guys ! I'm the "official" Master of the Empire of Non-Soviets. You spoke earlier with one of my colleague (alias MrPorter) about a fusion of our two families. You may now know that we are very attached to our independence, so we refused this offer. MrPorter might also have told you that we would be very pleased to have you as our allies. We know that your way of playing is more offensive than our's, and that you might need deuterium for your little "journeys". I'm here today to start building a commercial partnership between you and us ! cheers

Please, answer me in game so that we can continue this discussion !

Your beloved friend,


SadAnarchy [ENS]

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